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Portable Repair, Inc is an authorized dealer for Hytera America, Inc.

Hytera America, Inc is a leader in DMR Analog/Digital equipment with a comprehensive line of flexible communication services that include migration services analog to digital, terminal to system, and voice transmission to data applications. They offer products that meet a variety of protocols and standards, including TETRA, DMR, and PDT. Their products are highly customizable to help suit the needs of all businesses. Hytera products are cost-effective, versatile solutions for all your radio and communication needs.

Radio systems are a practical and instrumental form of communication in a variety of businesses. At Portable Repair, Inc we offer a variety of top-of- the-line products that can be tailored to suit your company’s individual needs! It is important that you are set up with the right type of radio system so you can maximize your outreach with minimal effort and expense.

Our primary goal is fit our clients with fast, reliable communications that suit their needs and help ensure all required parties have full radio capabilities. We offer multiple transmitters and devices to meet the needs of all our clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

Wireless communication devices are everywhere we turn. Be sure you and your company are up-to- date with the latest technology to keep you ahead of the competition. Radio systems can help to provide instant connections with people in all types of environments, so it is important to turn to a company you can count on. Portable Repair, Inc employs only the most reliable equipment to help ensure your services run as smoothly as possible.

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