Two-Way Communications Made Easy

Portable Repair, Inc is an authorized dealer for Hytera America, Inc.

When it comes to two-way communication devices, you should only turn to a company who knows what they are doing and how to provide you with the services you need. At Portable Repair, Inc., we have been in business for over 25 years and we are committed to working with each and every client to ensure they have a reliable system that best suits their needs and budget. Portables are some of our most popular radio systems, as they are faster, easy to use, and – of course – portable. The radios can provide a more practical solution that allows for clearer communication across almost any environment.

We offer two technologies used in the Land Mobile Radio Industry today:

analog portables

Analog Radios

Analog Portables UHF/VHF 16Ch; 5w/1w; 2 Year Warranty

  • TC-320
  • TC-508
  • TC-580
  • TC-610
  • TC-700
  • TC-780

digital portables

Digital Radios

Analog/Digital Portables UHF/VHF ; 5w/1w; 3 Year Warranty

  • BD-302
  • BD-502
  • PD-362
  • PD-502
  • PD-662
  • PD-782

Our office is conveniently located in Miramar and provides radio communication assistance from South Florida across the nation.

To learn more about the type of portables we offer, or to inquire about our other services, contact us at 786-306-6451.