Radio Repeaters

Combination Devices For More Powerful Transmitters

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A radio repeater combines an analog communicator and digital transmitter to provide the strongest two-way radio functionality necessary to reach every inch of your enterprise. High reliability is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a radio repeater that is right for you, which is why we over our client’s technologically advanced devices with all the features needs to connect with your company. When it comes to dispatching or emergency services, you want to maximize your reach as much as possible and a radio repeater installed by Portable Repair, Inc can help you achieve that.

repeater RD982

Powerful Digital Repeater: Dual Mode: Analog & Digital (TDMA)

RD982 UHF or VHF 50w continuous duty

The RD982 is a dual-mode digital repeater than can operate in both analog and digital mode. This open-standard DMR repeater can be combined with Hytera Smart Dispatch or set up with a 3rd party GPS dispatching software to increase efficiency. Additionally, it can be connected to multiple sites using the internet or WiFi. The RD982S includes a feature that allows it to be upgraded to trunking in the future as your capacity requirements rise.

repeater rd622

Indoor Wall Mountable Repeater: Dual Mode: Analog & Digital (TDMA)

RD622 UHF or VHF 25w continuous duty

The RD622 is an innovative DMR and Analog dual-mode repeated designed for indoor use and mounting. The radio comes fixed with a power supply and an optional mini duplexer and it’s compact and versatile design allows it to be mounted to the wall using AC/DC power. Additionally, you can connect to multiple sites at once using the IP to give you a wider range and better coverage through your job sites. The RD622 is compatible with GPS dispatching softwares such as the Hytera Dispatch System or a similar 3rd party system.

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